Research Interests

My research interests span theoretical, computational, and applied aspects of mathematical optimization.

My current focus is on convex programming and polynomial optimization in the abstract, and numerical methods for improving radiation therapy delivery to cancer patients. I also work on developing efficient algorithms for optimization problems under uncertainty arising in engineering, statistics, and health care.

My Google Scholar profile.

If you are a highly motivated graduate/undergraduate student interested in my work, send me an email! I have an open, funded, RA position for PhD students interested in research in large-scale deterministic and stochastic numerical optimization. You would likely enjoy this if you liked courses such MA 580, 505, 706, or 523.

Grants, Patent, and Software

My research is generously funded by the National Science Foundation. Active research grants:

  • Practical large-scale sum-of-squares optimization; NSF-DMS-1719828.
  • CAREER: Large-scale optimization problems with applications in emerging radiotherapy modalities; NSF-DMS-1847865.

My open-source Matlab package for general non-symmetric conic optimization using a primal-dual Newton-type method is available on GitHub. Joint work with Sercan Yildiz.

Some of my radiotherapy research is incorporated in a patent, joint with Philips Radiation Oncology Systems. (WO/2016/116868)


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    [preprint PDF]  |  [Matlab code - alfonso]
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Papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings

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    See the (more complete) journal version preprint above.
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  1. Tóth, J; Nagy, AL; Papp, D: Reaction Kinetics: Exercises, Programs and Theorems.  Springer-Verlag New York, 2018. XXIV+469 pages. [publisher link]


  1. Optimization models for shape-constrained function estimation problems involving nonnegative polynomials and their restrictions, PhD thesis, Rutgers University, May 2011.
  2. Analysis of Petri Net-Based Models and their Applications in Reaction Kinetics, Diploma thesis, Budapest University of Technology.