Spring 2023

MA 784 Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Eqs. and Optimization

If you are in this class, please find the course website in Moodle for syllabus, office hours, and similar information.

Past courses

MA 305 Introductory Linear Algebra and Matrices
MA 325 Introduction to Applied Mathematics
MA 421 Introduction to Probability
MA/CSC 427 Numerical Analysis I
MA/CSC 428 Numerical Analysis II
MA 493 Introduction to Mathematical Optimization

MA/OR 504 Introduction to Mathematical Programming
MA/OR/ISE 505 Linear Programming
MA 523 Linear Transformations and Matrix Theory I. (online delivery)
MA 591 Semidefinite and Convex Optimization
MA 591 Conic Optimization
MA/OR 706 Nonlinear Programming
MA 723 Linear Transformations and Matrix Theory II. (online delivery)